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    021 794 1098

    Mobile : 076 773 9370

  • Location:
    Constantia Sports Centre,
    Main Road,
    Constantia, Cape Town.

.....Constantia Pre School

--------------Since 1984

The Children's Cottage

The Children’s Cottage offers an intimate environment also combining Montessori and WCED principles.

We are a multi-cultured, multi-national school

Welcome to our school!

We are a multi-cultured, multi-national school who celebrate and respect our country’s multi-faceted community. All religions and celebrations are recognised. Through our weekly themes, learners are made aware of our wonderful diverse society at an early age.


The Constantia Preschool develops your child’s perceptual skills which forms the basis for reading, writing and mathematics.

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All the children are motivated and encouraged to develop strong, healthy relationships with other children and adults.

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Children are encouraged to participate in physical activities, developing both gross and fine motor co-ordination.

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We encourage individual independence and foster physical activities, developing both gross and self – confidence through play.

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“Since 1984 The Constantia Preschool has succeeded in providing a learning environment in which every child is nurtured, helping them to develop individually, thus promoting their self-confidence and self esteem. In developing these two characteristics specifically, together with cognitive, motor and social skills, your child will be assured of a successful and happy future.” Mary Norton – Director of Constantia Preschool and Children’s Cottage

  • Constantia Pre School (Nursery to Grade R)

    The Constantia Preschool offers a solid preschool Foundation with its diverse curriculums incorporating Montessori principles and the WCED. Its dedicated teachers provide a stimulating environment keeping abreast with all the latest teaching trends.

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    COTTAGE (Nursery-3yrs)

    The Children’s Cottage offers anintimate environment also combining Montessori and WCED principles.

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    Our holiday programme operates during all school holidays and is operated by one of our most senior and qualified teachers along with her team of dedicated and trained assistants.

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  • Mary Norton

    Along with a passion for life, Mary has a wealth of experience in child care and a love of children and is the founder of the schools..

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