Last week Wednesday the Yellow and Star ballet group girls put on a delightful performance for the residents of Doordrift Lodge.  Our visit was very well received and the residents and staff were all so grateful for the toiletry hampers and treats.  The residents clearly enjoyed the performance as some were even waving their hands and joining in with the dancing – a beautiful moment to witness.  Thank you to those who joined us on the day and assisted with lifts as well as to everyone who donated items – your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Hard to believe it is almost the end of the third term already! Just a gentle reminder that we need to know your plans for 2020 by term end – Thursday 19th September.  Everyone needs to please complete the form that was sent out, even if you will be staying next year, so that no assumptions are made.

We will be having a South African themed dress up day on Break-up day (Thursday 19th).  Come to school dressed in traditional outfits, SA sports gear or the colours of the SA flag.  Children are welcome to bring South African themed treats to share with their class.

Remember to sign up for holiday care: Please ensure that you book and pay by Wednesday 18th September.

Our Annual Fun Fair is fast approaching – 13th October (2nd weekend of the 4th term).  Please save the date in your diary in the meantime, and of who you can invite J More info to follow soon.

This week is super busy with Grandparents Day happening on Friday as well as rehearsals for our upcoming Dance concert, and the actual concert happening this Saturday at 9am.  Please see previous emails and message books for the Grandparent’s day schedule as well as rehearsal times.

Even though this week is super busy, let’s remember that busy isn’t necessarily better, especially when it comes to our children. It is very easy to ascribe to the modern mentality that being busy is better – but when did busy become equated with success?

 “The price of busyness might be higher than you think.”

“It’s costing us relationships and rest, purpose, and fulfillment. We’re too busy to know our neighbors, take a vacation, sleep well most nights, eat meals together with our family, and play with our children. We’re so busy that by the time we’ve caught our breath it’s when our head hits the pillow. As we pack our schedules full we become so focused on our to-do list that we lose our to-be list.

The lifestyle of the tired and busy comes at the cost of missing out on what matters most. Become unbusy and you and your family can pursue deeper and meaningful relationships with those you love, sleep better, use more time for creative play, and experience the freedom of living a simpler life unbusy.”

Read the full article here:

As parents we obviously want the best for our children but this does not necessarily mean scheduling their every waking moment and letting them do everything.  While you may tempted to try and give them everything you never had, what they really need is time and freedom to explore and make their own choices.

“How can parenting be such a paradox? It moves in such a slow motion and a fast speed both at the same time!”


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